26.03 > 29.03.2022 - LAPLAND

Alexandre De Saedeleer

After 7 years playing for the Belgian Hockey National Team and played 2 Olympic Games (2008-2012) and a Business Management degree I turned to digital technologies by joining a raising Belgian company, Tapptic. From consultant to Managing Director, I discovered all the steps of a digital project and followed the evolution of mobile technologies. I like to test every single new tech, early adopter for many different devices, I love making my own opinion by trying and putting it at the right spot in the mass adoption curve. Innovation is key but not everything is « usable » innovation.

In the mobile world we live in, there are so many things to do and so many industries to digitalize using mobile, VR, AR, Voice. Every client has its own story and its own challenges, it’s our job to make them use the technology for the right purpose. That’s what I try do achieve every day beside taking care of our 115 employees 😉

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