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An initiative of   PwC   Trends
An initiative of   PwC    Trends
LOFOTEN ISLANDS – NORWAY | 11.03 > 14.03.2023

Mikaël Wornoo


Mikael Wornoo (COO) leads TechWolf’s go-to-market strategy, with an emphasis on new business development in Europe and the Americas. He also oversees the company’s ongoing expansion efforts into other new markets.

During the last four years, Mikael has built an international network of HR and business leaders who work with TechWolf to build the skills-based organisations’ ecosystem. 

On the business side of things, Mikael’s vision is to challenge and change the way companies look at people and how they manage the HR function. He mentions: “TechWolf is on the edge of shifting the talent paradigm and cracking the skills code”.