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Thomas Van Durme

Orion Intelligence

Thomas Van Durme is a computer science/aerospace engineer, entrepreneur and co-founder of both ThinkNexT and Orion Intelligence. Thomas has a master in engineering specialised in Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Electronics as well as a master in Space Technology and Applications. Following graduation, Thomas started working at the European Space Agency (ESA) on architecture and design of mission control systems. Aerospace shall always remain a core interest.

In 2011 Thomas co-founded ThinkNexT. Between 2011 and 2016 ThinkNexT focussed on tailor-made software solutions in the field of customer service. They discovered that many customer service departments suffered large loads of customer questions that were in fact easy to answer. Though easy to answer, the sheer volume resulted in long waiting times for customers and a suboptimal use of customer service agents. Orion was born and Thomas returned to the domain of Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence – specifically natural language processing (NLP) – formed the basis of the automation engine that fuels Orion. But the buck doesn’t stop there. Previous experience integrating IT solutions in the customer service landscape, together with a thorough understanding of day-to-day customer service operations, is why Orion has successfully left the launching pad in 2016.

The Orion team grew with functional specialists in the field of customer service. And since that take-off in 2016 many small, mid-sized and enterprise-sized organisations such as Eneco, Sodexo, Acerta, Partena, Delhaize and others have trusted the automation of their customer service in Orions hands.

In 2020 Orion Intelligence BV becomes the holder of the intellectual property of Orion and all its operational activities. Thomas transitions to a role where technical sales and commercial activities are combined. And that brings us into the present where Orion Intelligence is on the cusp of major accelerations; the product-market fit has been found and new customers and staff members are being onboarded!