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Sylvie Vandevelde

Head of Business, Marketing & Communication
Belgian Mobile ID – itsme®

From taking care of customer experience in real life to Design Thinking and UX in a digital world, for Sylvie Vandevelde, Head of Business, Marketing & Communication at Belgian Mobile ID, the customer-user-citizen needs to be at the heart of every solution. Thanks to technology and innovation, we have the opportunity today to be in the driving seat of our digital us. A digital society needs a digital ID that is easy to use and secure.

Belgian Mobile ID is a consortium of Belgium’s leading banks and mobile network operators who have joined together to create itsme®, the European reference for mobile identification, authentication and digital signature.
itsme® was granted accreditation by the Belgian government as an official form of digital identity in January 2018 and on a European level in December 2019 (LOA high eIDAS). The itsme® app is used extensively in the financial sector among others because it complies with PSD2, FATF and GDPR guidelines. It has also been awarded ISO27001 certification.

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