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Michiel Bearelle

Co-founder & Sales at Officient HR

After getting his degree in Graphical Management from Artevelde Ghent, Michiel started working for SocialExpress and moved to Amsterdam. SocialExpress was a social media reporting startup that was acquired 2 years later by Bynder.

After that, he joined Teamleader as one of their first hires and sold their CRM and invoicing tool to over 500 companies across Belgium.

But Michiel realised it was the right time for him to take matters into his own hands and founded Officient in September 2017. The company identified a unique gap in the market and helps companies to overcome common HR administration struggles by offering intuitive HR software that helps HR managers take care of wages, contracts, calendar and asset- and fleet management. Nowadays, Officient is used by over 1,500 companies and has a team of 25+ people.

At Officient, Michiel is in charge of sales, finance-legal, board and investor relations.

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