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Zhong Xu

As CEO of Deliverect, established in September 2018, Zhong is connecting food delivery platforms with the POS system of restaurants. With Deliverect, Zhong will be helping the hospitality industry even more by providing user friendly and innovative software.

From the age of 17, he started his first company by building websites for restaurants. This experience made his passion for mobile, SAAS and cloud technologies grow even larger. Zhong graduated with a degree in software engineering (2009) whereafter he immediately started working for the start-up Siruna. Thereafter he worked as a senior engineer for EVS Broadcast where he created mobile and cloud solutions for customers such as London Olympics, UEFA and BBC. After gaining experience by working for others, Zhong established his first own business in 2012 with his co-founder Jan Hollez. This SaaS company, formerly called POSIOS, was acquired by Lightspeed in 2014. Zhong grew out to be the Global director of hospitality at Lightspeed, a company available in more than 100 countries that helps the hospitality industry with their platform.

“Our vision is always about connecting the restaurant and their customers, we are here to help restaurants achieve this vision. Our products makes your life easy so that you can spend less on systems and do what you love. That philosophy runs through everything that we do.”

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